Monday, December 12, 2011

Aktivit Dunia Seni Visual


image: Dyeing 
What you will need:
image: Ink  image: Paper

This is simple and quick but can be messy. Use the finished towels in pictures, gift wrapping or decoration
Colour mixing
image: Dyeing 1 Using kitchen towel, fold a sheet in different ways until it is quite small
image: Dyeing 2 Dip the paper towel in some ink or food colouring. Have a few colours ready
image: Dyeing 3 Unfold and leave to dry on some newspaper


What you will need:image: Paintimage: Scissorsimage: Paperimage: Pencil

This can be done with many colours, but if you use only two you can show how two colours can make a third colour e.g. red and yellow make orange
Colour mixing and pattern making
Blotterflies 1
Put blobs of colours on one side of a piece of paper that has been folded in half.
Blotterflies 2
Fold the paper and push the paint around with your finger
Blotterflies 3
Peel the paper apart and leave to dry
Blotterflies 4 When dry, fold the paper back again and draw half a shape of a bug, butterfly etc and cut

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